Get more clients

Easy Taxi is taxi drivers' most loved taxi solution in 30 countries

The app sends you requests from consumers and businesses

More passagers = Higher income!


It seems that someone needs a taxi!

Accept rides with a tap of a button

It's easy and intuitive. Our intelligent bidding system always prioritizes requests near the driver location and in their direction.

Less aimless driving around the city = More savings!

Improve your security

All passengers need to register their details to use an Easy Taxi account. The app will display the user's name, phone number and location.

Passenger tracking system and tech-savvy users = Better safety!

The passenger can easily chat with you, call you, and see your location on the map.

Get automatic transfers to your account

Attract a better client by accepting in-app payments. No cash or credit card needed! An intuitive, easy-to-learn interface.

In-app payments = Money directly in your bank account!

Well done, sir!

You just saved another passenger from searching for an ATM at 2am!

Thousands of corporate clients

Accept requests through the Easy Taxi app. Longer rides, extra fares, automatic invoices!

Corporate clients = More demand during non-peak hours!


  • Our drivers generally enjoy up to 30-40% higher revenues. You decide whether you want to drive less with a similar income, or move up to a whole new level of earnings.

  • You will need a bank account to accept non-cash payments. You can start initially as a regular driver and later upgrade to ETPay, by setting up an account with our recommended bank.

  • Although we can’t provide you with a smartphone, we do work with selected phone manufacturers to assure the best deals for our partners. Contact our driver relationship specialist to find out more.

  • Only officially registered taxi drivers who have undergone a thorough background check (including checking for prior complaints), and who have a well-maintained car can become Easy Taxi partners.

  • The standard documents include taxi driver license and the car documents. We will also check your background for safety reasons. Selected drivers will be required to provide additional documents or pass psychological testing. Contact our driver relationship specialist to find out how to start.